Why I am starting 30 articles in 30 days challenge?

Yes, it’s daunting. Yes, I am scared..

Why I am starting 30 articles in 30 days challenge?

I have been thinking to get consistent with my writing for a while now. But no matter how much I pace myself, there are a few days when I am able to write north of ten thousand words and then there are days when writing 500 words becomes a challenge.

On most days I would spend my time browsing the internet and brainstorming the ideas for my next blog; on most days, I fail to come up with any idea that I consider worth exploring; and on most days, I fail to write.

Yesterday was a similar day. I spent a couple of hours going through the internet reading about new Apple products, reading full-day commentary on one of the matches of the ICC Women Cricket World Cup, and going through my Medium newsfeed. I am not sure about the exact time, but somewhere in those two hours, I realized I needed to challenge myself for doing better, for doing more than what I had been doing.

Enter the 30 articles, 30 days challenge.

I had read about this challenge a few weeks back where writers would write 30 articles in 30 days. In fact, I realized that if you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your writing career, or just challenge yourself in a new way, then writing 30 articles in 30 days is an awesome idea.

The challenge definitely comes with a sense of fear (the imposter syndrome) that I might not be able to live up to the expectations. But what is life without a little bit of fear?

I have set the deadline for writing and publishing one article every day for the next 30 days. I will be writing on a variety of topics (including but not limited to) — business, personal finance, books, experiences, and more.

I aim to achieve the following:

  1. For starters, it will help me in becoming consistent. Yes, I understand that there is a time commitment involved with this. Writing an article is one of the steps in the overall process, it is not the only step. There is continuous research involved to give value to the reader. By writing an article daily, even on weekends, I am looking to change my mindset from focusing on the input to focusing on the output. Instead of worrying about finding a perfect topic to write on, I will actually be spending my energy on writing the content.
  2. I aim to refresh/relearn everything I am writing on. I am a CPA and have worked in the corporate world for more than a decade in roles revolving around business planning & analysis.; but I write on topics ranging from life experiences and my favorite books to passive income and financial freedom. I generally read for entertainment. But to write so many articles in a short period, I will definitely be challenging myself to re-learn and refresh my knowledge base.
  3. Well, consistency is one thing; but I genuinely am interested in becoming a better writer. Publishing new articles every day is bound to improve my skills over a period of time.

I will be writing more, editing more, and researching more. This is something that I can use throughout my career — not just for writing articles but also for memos, white papers, proposals, etc.

So, there you have it — my reasoning behind taking up the 30 articles in 30 days writing challenge! Are you ready to take up the challenge with me? Let me know in the comments below! :)

I’m Armaghan Tanveer, a numbers guy by profession, and a romantic by heart. I write about everything that I find interesting, including productivity, investments, passive income, and personal experiences. If you like what I do, you can buy me a coffee ☕️ here.